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The Latest Info About Monuments and Proposals


A collection of essential resources for anyone wanting to learn more about the projects showcased on The Monumentous or the free materials that are available to download.


Monumentous World: The United States

Take a close look at some of the most famous and obscure monuments from across the United States. This free download from The Monumentous showcases sites from every state in America to provide viewers with a little bit of insight as well as a one-of-a-kind look at these unique monuments.

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The Hall of Giants: The Story of Fremont & the Troll

The Hall of Giants is a documentary about the people, place and times that produced the Fremont Troll. It a story about how public art can form communities, lasting accomplishments and a greater sense of place.


Space Needle: The Spirit of Seattle

A book focused on Seattle s iconic needle, was released on the 50th anniversary of the Needle. Extensively researched and written by Knute Skip Berger, it provides a detailed account of the Space Needle s conception, funding, and construction 50 years ago, as well as it s important role in the Century 21 Worlds Fair in 1962 and how it helped define contemporary Seattle in the 50 years after the fair.


Millennium Park: Creating a Chicago Landmark

Timothy Gilfoyle offers a biography of what it look to create Millennium Park, beginning before 1850 when the site of the park, the “city’s front yard,” was part of Lake Michigan. Gilfoyle studied the history of downtown; spent years with the planners, artists, and public officials behind Millennium Park; documented it at every stage of its construction; and traced the skeins of financing through municipal government, global corporations, private foundations, and wealthy civic leaders. The result is a thoroughly readable and lavishly illustrated testament to the park, the city, and all those attempting to think and act on a monumental scale.


Cleveland’s West Side Market: 100 Years and Still Cooking

The book chronicles the history of this notable landmark and all it offers consumers and culinary aficionados. Written by two well-known Cleveland food writers, the book takes readers on a nostalgic tour of the market building, outdoor arcades, and into the lives of many vendors and market families who are the true foundation of this historic public space.