How Would Ohio Infinity Increase Your Property Value?

The finished Ohio Infinity sculpture will be 12ft tall by 8ft wide

Modern sculptures like the Bean in Chicago and the Wall Street Bull in New York are celebrated for a variety of reasons, and the positive economic impact these kinds of pieces have created is undeniable. It’s the same kind of effect the Ohio Infinity sculpture is designed to produce for the space or area in Ohio where it’s built.

Unlike any of those other projects though, Ohio Infinity can be constructed with no financial risk to the owner of the site or property. Instead of liability, owners of the site/sculpture will have the opportunity to leverage the presence of the piece in whatever way makes sense for their business.

Ohio Infinity
The model of Ohio Infinity is pictured up top. Below is a comparison of a model with a complete sculpture.

A model of this sculpture is pictured here, and the comparison of a similar model and actual sculpture should provide a sense of how it will translate into reality. The finished Ohio Infinity piece will be a 12ft tall by 8ft wide sculpture designed to:

-Directly reflect the people who live and work around the piece

-Create a destination that will spur economic development

-Serve as a hub for events and activities in the area

-Enable a lasting legacy for individuals and an entire community

All of the decisions around the symbols, words and images that will appear throughout the piece will be dictated by the community, a few examples of which appear here. This selection process will enable the surrounding community to relate to the piece and ensure it has a direct and indirect economic impact for property owners which will begin in the present and extend far into the future.

Is Ohio Infinity a fit for your community, neighborhood or business? If so, please get in touch via email or Facebook.

Comparison of a Lego model to the finished “Questions” sculpture, with stone, tile and grout covering the concrete interior.

Building a Monument

Potential iconography for “Ohio Infinity”

The model/sculpture example showcased above provides a sense of what the finished Ohio Infinity sculpture will look like. However, the model simply illustrates the shape of what will be constructed in concrete cinderblock, not the words, symbols and illustrations which will be customized for and with the community.

Those will be displayed on a variety of tiles that will be interspersed throughout the piece. The tiles can display anything from a message to a symbol to an illustration. The tiles will be positioned amongst a mosaic stone arrangement that will cover the piece. All of this will be tied together with a colored grout that will permanently lock in the tile and stone mosaic. The colors of Ohio (red, white and blue) will be utilized for each of these elements.

Showcase of the different letters of O-H-I-O that viewers will be able to clearly see from different sides of the sculpture.

Viewers will be encouraged to interact with the piece itself to see and experience these details in a variety of ways. That interaction will also allow them to walk around the piece and spell out the letters O-H-I-O. This personal interaction is what will help ensure it becomes both a destination and a draw.

A Direct Economic Impact

Lists of the Top Things to See in Ohio contain a variety of attractions ranging from historic sites to cultural landmarks. Visiting these places can provide an experience that take up an entire day or just an ideal spot to take a selfie. What they all have in common is that visitors have definitive a reason to stop by, regardless of where they’re coming from.

Posting with and on the “I Amsterdam” sculpture, which encourages viewer interaction and serve as an attraction.

Similar to works such as “I Amsterdam”, the appeal of Ohio Infinity will be centered on how visitors are able to interact with the piece. No matter what angle you view the piece from, the letters of O-H-I-O are unmistakable. Coupled with the ability to get that same personalized interaction via the symbols and messaging on the piece itself, viewers will be able to document their contact with the sculpture in a variety of meaningful ways.

Example of some of the businesses that can be created around destinations.

The ability to connect with a given space or place and create an experience for visitors is what drives the creation of destinations and monuments. It’s something that can have a positive impact on all of the businesses that surround it. By creating a reason for people across the city, region and world to visit the area, established and new businesses will be able to directly benefit from this influx. Small and large projects of this sort have positivity impacted the economic situation for a variety of neighborhoods and cities.

However, the direct economic impact of Ohio Infinity will be just as powerful as the indirect opportunities opened up by the piece.

The Untold Benefits of Creating a Destination

“Ohio Infinity” can serve as the focal point for community gatherings or events.

Ohio Infinity will encourage and enable especially powerful interactions for the surrounding community as it’s being constructed, but those interactions will not end once the piece is complete. In fact, as more people learn about the sculpture, entire communities could be compelled to take action around and for it.

It’s the sort of thing that can help ensure the piece is taken care of, but these interactions aren’t just about maintenance. Piece like Ohio Infinity can serve as a central focus for events or gatherings by creating an easy place to get together. These in-person efforts can be highlighted on social media and eventually at, which will provide visitors with various ways to document and share their experiences.

Interaction with a destination can continue and be cultivated online.

In-person and digital interactions with Ohio Infinity will drive key economic considerations for and with the piece. Those benefits are just part of the legacy that will have a monumentous impact in the present and future, and is something site owners can explore without any financial risk.

Creating a Generational Legacy at No Financial Risk

An example of how the eventual surface of the piece can be customized based on direct community feedback.

The materials being used in Ohio Infinity are as unyielding as they are long-lasting. That will help ensure the piece becomes and remains a permanent part of the community, but the impact the sculpture creates in the short and long term is something a site owner will be able to see and quantify before making a full commitment to it.

Once an agreed upon amount of time has past after Ohio Infinity has been completed, site owners will have the option of transferring the costs associated with the commission of the piece without any penalty. This arrangement is not a prerequisite, but can be an option for site owners who want to retain flexibility. If the piece hasn’t performed as expected, they’ll be able to transfer ownership of the piece and recoup the expenses associated with the creation of the sculpture. This option is being made available so that potential owners can measure the value of their investment before ever risking the investment itself.

Potential phrase and iconography for “Ohio Infinity”
An example of what the symbols and stones on the exterior of the piece could look like.

While community feedback and interaction will be of primary concern for the audience of today, Ohio Infinity is set to function as an attraction for generations. That’s the kind of legacy which will be guaranteed to positively impact the value of any property in the present and future.


Is Ohio Infinity a fit for your community, neighborhood or business? If so, please get in touch via email or Facebook.


Ohio Infinity

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