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The Latest Info About Monuments and Proposals


Experiencing the Block Where Denver Began

Larimer Square is the Denver's first designated local historic district

Larimer Square, in the Lower Downtown neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, is the city’s first designated local historic district. The history associated with the buildings on the 1400 block as well as Larimer Street itself have played an important role in the economic and social importance of the area, and that impact continues to evolve. Today, […]

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History and a Show at the Tower of David

The Citadel and the Tower of David Museum has something for both residents and tourists

Jerusalem’s Citadel, also known as the ”Tower of David”, is located within the Old City and possesses great historical and cultural significance. Serving as the symbol of the city of Jerusalem for generations, the tower provides an incredible view of the city, a museum that takes visitors through the history of the area, and a […]

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Bringing A Christmas Story to Life in Cleveland

Transforming a Cleveland neighborhood like any other into something monumentous

The movie “A Christmas Story” was released a week before Thanksgiving 1983 to a mixed reception from audiences and critics. Over the years though, television airings and the home video release of the film turned it into a seasonal classic for audiences across the world. A cable network started a 24-hour marathon of the film […]

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What kind of Cleveland do you want to live in?

Creating the Cleveland Bridge Loop

The Cleveland Bridge Loop ( is a proposal to construct a walking/biking path that will loop around the Cuyahoga River near downtown to provide unrivaled access to the water. It’s an idea that takes advantage of the history and legacy of the iconic bridges that are spread across the river. The project is designed to… […]

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What is the Cleveland Bridge Loop?

Join the community dedicated to creating a new landmark for the city of Cleveland

“Why is nothing here, instead of something?” As someone who was born and raised in Cleveland, that’s a question I’ve often asked myself about various parts of the city, especially as I’ve witnessed the wrong kind of changes to it. As a kid, I stood on the pitcher’s mound at Municipal Stadium (as you can […]

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What Makes the London Eye the UK’s Most Popular Attraction?

Capturing the hearts and minds of residents and tourists to create a 21st century monument

The original Ferris wheel was opened to the public in the late 1800s, but the concept of a wheel that spins in a circle with chairs attached to it has been around for centuries. This history combined with the fact that Ferris wheels have been a major draw at amusement parks for decades might make […]

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